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PBS and QIO Special Study Deliverables


Patient Centered Health Care Tips

WFYI in Indianapolis, working with Health Care Excel, the state's Quality Improvement Organization and its statewide coalition, has identified six areas of patient- and family-centered care to address during their RAM outreach campaign. They are: medication management, how to talk to health care providers, patient safety in hospitals, resources for the underinsured, chronic disease management, and how patients should communicate with family members.

The coalition has developed eight "quick tips" for consumers addressing these issues. In December 2005, WFYI started featuring them in their monthly Member Magazine and will continue throughout the campaign. They will also appear on the station's Web site.

(Some of the links provided below feature organizations located in Indiana. Similar agencies can be found in each state.)


Making the Most of Medications

Medications can be used to treat a short term illness or a chronic condition. Make the most of your medicines by being an informed consumer.  For example, you should:

For more information visit:


Talk to Your Health Care Professional

Become an informed decision-maker by taking steps to be well-informed about your own health and that of family members. By talking with your health care provider, both of you will get important information needed to make decisions. Keep the following in mind:


For more information, visit:


Prescription Drug Coverage

In the changing marketplace, it’s important to be a smart health care consumer.  Learn about prescription drug benefits by:

For more information:

Resources for the Underinsured

Paying for health can be complicated. If you don’t have adequate coverage, do the following:


For more information:


Keeping Yourself Healthy

The experts agree: the secret to staying healthy is a lot like Grandma told you: eat healthy foods, stay active, and exercise your brain. Need specifics? Try these!


For more information:


Be Safe While in the Hospital

Sometimes a hospital stay is necessary. When you are a patient, or have responsibility for a patient, reduce risk and errors. Here’s how:

For more information:


When You Change Health Care Professionals

It’s rare to have the same health care provider for a lifetime. Help ensure you receive the best care possible with these suggestions:

For more information:


Communicating With Your Family

Sometimes it is important to share health care decision-making with a family member. Remember—you were there for them, so let them be there for you. Here are some tips:

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